Take your riding horse toy out for a gallop!

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Take your riding horse toy out for a gallop!

Feb 17, 2022
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take your riding horse toy out for a gallop!

where are my millennial parents? one day i’ll have to play the greatest song formy children and maybe they will be impressed that mommy knows all the wordsto the most random rap song about the west and horses… a song that bondedall my girlfriends in the days of college bars and fraternity band parties… i digress. theseponycycle® horsesare the silliest riding horse toys, but we love them so much. we use ourponycycle®horse toys around the house which you’ve seen on stories, as well as down the sidewalk and into the cul-de-sac. i laugh at how ridiculous they look which is probably why our neighbors look at us weird, but these truly bring us somemuch joy and fun.

ponycycle®ride-on horse toy

we took our pony toy out for a gallop!

we had so much fun taking these photos and visiting horse ollie and friends. this field is the old polo fields right behind our new house, so this was very special. i absolutely love this area and this just made me so happy.

elston loves horses and animals so much, we are continuing to build this up and she’s reveling in it! i told her auburn is a great choice for vet school lol.

if you are a grandparent, or relative, looking for a holiday gift, this should definitely be considered an option! we have both the larger sizes, for reference.

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